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I have built a diverse and inclusive team that understands the importance of cultural sensitivity in designing learning content. Our team represents different ethnicities and backgrounds, allowing us to effectively interact with people across cultures. We prioritize staying up to date with accessibility trends and utilize the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework to create inclusive learning environments. We carefully consider the language used in our content, ensuring it is appropriate and respectful. Images and graphics are thoughtfully selected to accurately represent diverse cultures and avoid stereotypes. Our content undergoes thorough review by individuals from various cultural backgrounds. We are committed to continuously evaluating and updating our content to maintain cultural competence. Our goal is to deliver content that is inclusive, representative, and resonates with learners from all backgrounds.


10+ years


Structural Racism in the US

As the Sr Curriculum Manager at Resilia, I played a pivotal role in overseeing the production of the Equity Essentials For Philanthropy Tech courses. With meticulous attention to detail and a focus on quality, I ensured that the courses were developed to the highest standards. By leveraging my expertise in instructional design, I ensured the seamless creation and delivery of engaging and impactful courses for the Resilia program in partnership with the Technology Association of Grantmakers (TAG). The success of the program is a testament to the dedication and collaborative efforts of the entire team involved.

*Please note that this is a video-only version of the course. The final version, complete with dynamic pages and sections, can be found on the Resilia Platform.

Introduction to Data Ethics and Security for Nonprofits

I had the pleasure of working on an engaging and informative course called "Introduction to Data Ethics and Security for Nonprofits." Developed in collaboration with subject matter experts, this course equips nonprofits with essential knowledge and strategies to navigate data privacy, cybersecurity, and ethical data practices. Empower your nonprofit to prioritize data ethics and security with this comprehensive course. Together, let's ensure responsible data practices and build trust in the nonprofit sector.

*Please note that this is a video-only version of the course. The final version, complete with dynamic pages and sections, can be found on the Resilia Platform.

Learning Cohorts

Oversaw the development and execution of a learning cohort in a virtual community space.

The Founder Accelerator Cohort is a FREE program designed to help founders plan long-term using lessons and actionable templates that will teach topics such as fundraising, strategic planning, and finance.

Over 8 short weeks this cohort will learn from each other and set the foundation for their nonprofit.

Marketing Plan Template

This template encompasses key components such as target audience identification, messaging strategies, digital marketing tactics, and evaluation metrics. It empowers nonprofits to effectively communicate their mission, engage stakeholders, and drive meaningful impact. With a focus on maximizing resources and achieving strategic goals, this template is a valuable tool for nonprofits to build their brand, raise awareness, and attract support. With this marketing plan template, nonprofits can effectively plan, execute, and measure their marketing initiatives, ultimately amplifying their mission and making a difference in the world.

*Please note this is a PDF version of the final template.

Strategic Planning Template

Understanding the unique challenges and goals of nonprofit organizations, I developed a comprehensive and user-friendly template to guide the strategic planning process. With a clear structure and customizable sections, this template empowers nonprofits to define their mission, set strategic objectives, conduct internal and external analyses, and develop actionable plans for success. By incorporating industry best practices and working with several SMEs in strategic planning, nonprofits can confidently navigate the strategic planning process and create a roadmap for achieving their organizational goals.

*Please note that this is a PDF version of the final template. The final version can be found as an interactive Typeform embedded on the Resilia platform. 


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