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Andrea is speaking at a conference.


Future Doctor. Colombiana. Mother.

Our Story


Palante Nonprofits, LLC, started because of a crucial need within the consulting sector to meet organizations where they are. We are about leveraging an organization's existing human and financial capacity to achieve tangible results. The journey began with a commitment to optimizing resources, fostering growth, and enabling scalability. Palante Nonprofits embraces the philosophy that by harnessing current capabilities, organizations can achieve immediate success and lay the foundation for sustained scale and growth.

Headshot of Founder/CEO Andrea Ortega

Andrea Ortega, MNM, CNP



Andrea is the Founder/CEO of Palante Nonprofits, LLC, a nonprofit consulting practice that focuses on strategic planning and implementation guidance, along with tailored training programs offering customized training for organizations. The best part? Palante Nonprofits offers all services in English and Spanish. Her previous role was to lead curriculum development and use microlearning in the Tech for Good sector for the fastest-growing nonprofit software company in the country. She was the Senior Curriculum Development Manager at Resilia. She designed and curated over 200 courses in partnership with subject matter experts (consultants) and built a diverse team representative of the communities we served. Her role involved working across different engineering, revenue, and product stakeholders to create learning frameworks. 

Andrea holds a Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management from the University of Central Florida (UCF) and is pursuing her Ph.D. in Public Affairs at UCF, focusing on Nonprofit Management. With a background in teaching at Ana G Mendez University within the Nonprofit Management program to English and Spanish-speaking students, Andrea is dedicated to sharing knowledge and content creation.


Her passion lies in developing curriculums, assessment, evaluation, research, and coaching in the nonprofit sector. Andrea has taught a variety of courses, including:

  • Public and Non-Profit Accounting and Finance

  • Development and Management of Strategic Alliances with Non-Profit Organizations

  • Urban Affairs & Public Policy


When she's not volunteering, or working with nonprofits, Andrea enjoys spending quality time with her husband, two daughters, and (almost here) son. Proudly repping the #GatorNation, a forever #Knight.  Andrea is a Colombian-American who is available for speaking opportunities, covering topics such as compliance, tech for nonprofits, fundraising, storytelling, and more. All services provided by PALANTE Nonprofits, LLC, can be offered in English and Spanish, combining targeted approaches with cultural insights to deliver effective, interactive solutions that drive actionable outcomes for organizations.

PALANTE Nonprofits, LLC, where the motto is
We are in the business of moving communities forward.”
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